Tar For Mortar - Framer Framed Edition(2020)

Comfort Ball project with Sumin Lee
Framer Framed, Amsterdam
Collaborative installation with Alex Zeta

Tar For Mortar is a performative food workshop where we will experiment a traditional dessert making technique from East Asia in a possible scenario of food shortage. Climate change is one of the biggest threats to the world’s food supply as a warming atmosphere intensifies the world’s droughts, flooding, heatwaves and wildfires. With its long lasting ingredients, a traditional East Asian dessert from the 11th century called Dasik can be an important food heritage to look at in these unexpected times.

Dasik’s literal translation is tea food, a bite-size dessert that is made with dried grain or nuts such as rice, soybeans, sesame seeds in a powder form mixed with a bit of honey or grain syrup. In this workshop, by only using mortar and pestle, the participants will learn how to make this traditional dessert, while listening to the stories of Comfort Ball’s childhood. The stories themselves track the history of bread and westernisation in East Asia, as well as speculating on current and future food shortage crisis.