Meet TT

Printed on paper, A4
Presented at ‘Unsettling x Union’, Rietveld Pavilion, Amsterdam

Meet TT is a fictional science technology research paper introducing an artificial intelligence/humanoid robot TT. TT is the most advanced artificial intelligence with a powerful processor in this fictional world, yet they don’t have a feature or identity. To control this fluid, unexpectable, thus, possibly unsafe machine, the researchers averaged multiple identity data out, then put them into TT. The paper shows the transformation of TT becoming an average mid 20’s woman as the researcher gave an identity input data.

From this work, I point out the naïveness of understanding gender and racial background in contemporary society by projecting humans’ speculation towards high technology nowadays. Whether how much technology is developed, in the end, it is a reflection of our society. The world bias that reinforces race, gender and class inequalities becomes dataset. With these biased data, a machine learning algorithm amplifies and distorts bias and makes them even more unequal. I found this travel of bias from society to machine learning process very alarming, so I followed the steps of how bias is being captured, formatted and labeled in a machine learning algorithm model to amplify the violence of normalisation.