Do Androids Dream of Cooking?(2020)
Food Installation/Performance
Project Comfort Ball with Sumin Lee
Hosted by Sandberg Instituut, Amsterdam
Photo by Sidsel Lehn Mehlsen

As a part of my on-going gastronomy research project Comfort Ball, I've collected the hundreds of recipe samples that are generated by a neural network from the open-source code at The recipes were printed in the kitchen from a food printer on edible paper made out of potato starch with edible ink made out of glycerin and food colouring, served with a differently experimented mousse made out of purple yam, black sesame and soy cream.

The recipes that generated by a neural network are flawed and imperfect. They follow the form of a recipe, but it doesn’t make any sense when you read through. We wanted to present our precariousness and errors by showing this recipes that look high-tech, but full of errors. And raise a question of how the understanding of gender and racial background in contemporary society resemble the projecting humans’ speculation towards high technology.