Dividual Tensifier(2018)

Mixed Media Installation, Performance
Performed by Bin Koh, Sumin Lee, Goya Choi, Hayoung Lee
Sound by LEEVISA, Vito Willems
Presented at ‘Mountain Song’, Dokzaal (2018),
‘Untouched Intimacies’, Neverneverland (2019), Amsterdam

In my work ‘Dividual Tensifier: Fully Auto-Maided(Dokzaal,NL,2018/Neverneverland,NL,2019),’ I explored the in/visibility of transparency in a visual sense, as a material or article, to manifest the invisibility and immateriality of these bodies and voices. Starting from my blurry memories of faces who I encounter behind the transparent safety window in a movie ticket office, bank, nail salon, etc, I navigated how one individual becomes invisible even though they are standing behind something completely see-through.

This blurry memory of mine refers to the objectification of serving bodies and voices in my everyday life. Whether with or without the physical transparent safety window, it functions as a metaphor of blockage and objectification that reinforces the disconnection between the served and serving within the power structure. The installation of Dividual Tensifier: Fully Auto-Maided is built with transparent plexiglass and metal frames, and I did a performance to become a serving body and voice. based on a narrative about human and non-human workers who are working behind this installation, transitioning its identities between the served and the serving due to the bug, the error of the system.